Motorist Survey

Thank you in advance for taking the time to advise us of both testing successes and inconsistencies. We look forward to continuing to improve our efforts and the responsiveness of the Connecticut Emissions Program.


Test Center Name:
Q1: Were you greeted professionally and politely when you presented your vehicle for emissions testing?

Q2: Were there clearly marked parking spaces for emissions customers?

Q3: Did test center personnel answer all your questions regarding your emissions test?

Q4: Were you able to view the testing area and your vehicle during the test?

Q5: If your vehicle failed, were you given a clear explanation of the results and the next steps?

Q6: Were you given a “Failed Brochure” and a list of Certified Emissions Repair Facilities upon failure?

Q7: How did you choose the test center?

Q8: How would you rate the overall Test Center appearance and accommodations?

Q9: Were emissions program and test information brochures available for you in the waiting area?

Q10: Was the Emissions Bill of Rights Poster prominently displayed in the waiting area?

Q11: How would you rate the overall testing experience at this Test Center?

Q12: Would you recommend this Test Center to other motorists?

Q13: The Connecticut Emissions Program is necessary because…. (check all that apply)

Comments: Please include an email address or phone number if you would like a response to your comments/inquiries. Any information you provide is secure and will remain confidential.